Guitar, Ukulele and Bass!

We offer guitar, ukulele and bass lessons at Master Keys Music Academy! No matter what instruments you are interested in, we’ve got a right teacher for you! All of our instructors have years of performance and teaching experiences.

Fun, result-driven lessons

We believe in fun and engaging lesson experiences. One-on-one lessons help students develop their skills with a range of fretted string instruments, based on personal skill level and individual needs. We teach students a strong foundation in technique and give them the tools they need to navigate the fretboard and play music they enjoy. Be it online, in person, or a combination of both, we will set up a lesson plan that works for you!

Teachers Who Care

Our teachers care about the music growth of each student. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level student, our teachers have the ability to bring your music ability to the next level. At Master Keys Music Academy, our teachers are determined to help you grow!

What Parents Are Saying …

“Christian has been an excellent guitar teacher for my daughter. She has moved from a basic g chord to complicated individual finger patterns in songs. He is very patient and kind but pushes her to improve. He communicates very well and has been very flexible with us. The best part about Christian is that he meets my daughter where she is at on any given lesson day. She always comes away feeling good about herself and excited to play. Win!”

— Kristen S

Monthly Tuition

♪$120 monthly for 30 minutes lesson weekly ♪

♪ $180 monthly for 45 minutes lesson weekly ♪